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Magic with Sierra B. Photography

These are the magic-making years.

The Santa years.

They squeal with delight and even a little fear when you lift them to touch the star on top of the tree.

They look at the Nativity with wonder and a little mystery.

Every morning they beg to hear the message on Santa's Hotline.....the red phone with it's tinny, too-loud Elf voice.

They still fit on your lap for the story of the Nutcracker. And want to hear it twice.

These are the years that kisses still heal boo boos and reindeer still pull a flying sleigh.

For now, there's no such thing as party dresses with too many sparkles or branches with too many ornaments.

These are the years he asks to taste the cookie dough--instead of just sneaking a bite.

The years your arms still fit around her to roll the dough, and she still lets you cool her burns.

The frosting and sprinkles on every surface years.

The Mommy Look! years.

Thank you Sierra B. Photography for perfectly capturing a bit of this magical time within our walls.

You guys! You have to check her out, especially if you live in Washington State. I've been following her on Instagram (ladybecken) for a while now, crushing on the way she tells her family's story. The details. The perspective. The artistic editing. You can imagine my excitement when she announced her fledgling lifestyle photography business.

It took a few months for us to work out the timing of our session, and I'm actually glad it did. I would have never chosen a Christmas photo shoot. But now that I have one, I'm over the moon.

I had a terrible time narrowing down my favorites, so with that, here's a few (dozen) for you to enjoy!

Once upon a time there was a girl and a Christmas tree, and a young handsome sailor who showed up at her door with his guitar.

And he played carols.

And she fell in love.

And it never gets old.

I love hearing Jason play and sing anytime, but especially at Christmas. And the best part is watching as each of our Littles develops their own love for music under his tutelage.

(Click on a photo to launch the Gallery)

My earliest Holiday memories include my mom making Christmas cookies and candy.

There were sugar cookie wreaths with green frosting and perfectly placed cinnamon-candy holly berries.

Peanut butter balls rolled and dipped in melted chocolate.

Butter caramels. Hundreds of perfect little cubes each wrapped in wax paper.

Every recipe had a story...was handed down from someone in the family. Tins were packed and given to neighbors. Friends. Family.

The very best part was Christmas Eve, when a plate was put out for us, as pretty as the ones that were shared.

Though I lack my mom's attention to detail (read: ugly cookies), I still love sharing this magic with my Littles. Measuring and counting. Learning patience as cookies bake and then cool. Even the sprinkles.

I'm so touched by the images from this session...the story and the details held within...

As sweet as a plate of my mom's prettiest Christmas treats (but calorie free!).

(Click on a photo to launch the Gallery)

This Season, we wish you Peace & Love

& Warm Winter Wishes...

Holiday Magic & Gingerbread Kisses...

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