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WEGO Health Awards

Big news! I am honored to be nominated for a 2017 WEGO Health Award alongside two of my IBC (S)Heroes.

WEGO Health Awards were created to embody the mission of WEGO Health: to empower Patient Leaders. They connect with countless patient advocates, influencers, and experts who are helping others and transforming healthcare–often without recognition. Since the WEGO Health Patient Leader Network is centered around these healthcare transformers, we knew it was up to us to celebrate their accomplishments. From this need to celebrate the Leaders who make a difference, the WEGO Health Awards were born. Since its inception in 2011, the WEGO Health Awards have proven to be one of the best ways to connect the healthcare industry with top patient influencers. The WEGO Health Awards offers a way to introduce new Patient Leaders to the online community, and to allow network members the opportunity to recognize and say "thank you" to the leaders they look up to.

I have been nominated for "Best in Show Blog" for my work here at the Pink Door House. (Insert All The Happy Dance moves here!!)

Terry Arnold has been nominated for Patient Leader Hero. She works tirelessly to advocate for the IBC community. Based on the rate at which she responds to messages, I am pretty certain she sleeps seventeen and a half minutes a day. Tirelessly. She incepted and now runs the IBC Network Foundation, raising funds to support IBC research, and traveling to educate medical professionals and patients alike about the standards of care for IBC.

Dr. Angela Alexander has been nominated for Advocating for Others. Angela, a Doctoral trained scientist specializing in IBC clinical research, gives of her time to participate in three online support groups internationally. She answers technical questions about treatment, drugs, and clinical trials. Our very own on-call IBC expert.

Click on the names below to view the nominations. And while you're there, you can hit the "thumbs up" to endorse each of us. Pretty please.

If you're willing to do more than the quick endorsement, you can write a recommendation by following the instructions on the page.

Our shared hope is that these nominations, as well as your participation, will expand the impact and message of the IBC Network Foundation and the Pink Door House.

Share your activities by using #WEGOHealthAward

Endorsements will be accepted until September 1, 2017.

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