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Double Rainbow

The ultrasound was almost six years ago. I have told the story so many times that it's like those pajamas tossed at the foot of my bed....Not exactly fresh, but still a favorite.

I was all nerves. Quite frightened, to be honest. Our first pregnancy ended as a miscarriage ten months prior. Anyone who has been told there is no heartbeat, knows the weight of those words. The miscarriage led to uncontrolled bleeding and an emergency surgery. It was a dark time emotionally and physically.

But this. This was going to be our rainbow.

I remember laying there and seeing the screen come to life with a beating heart. Relief. Joy. Zen. I felt All the Things.

Do you see that? Jason asked.

Yes. A heartbeat. It's aaaaah-mazing.

We are talking Zen, folks.

Jason and the midwife must have concluded that I was either 1) the most unobservant person ever in the history of the world or 2) in complete denial. With no lack of humor, they pointed out the second heartbeat tapping away in my uterus.

Say what?

That Zen audibly popped. A red balloon.

Two! Two babies....These are the things that happen in other people's lives!

A double rainbow.

Twin pregnancies are tricky, but overall mine was without complications. Our girls were delivered at almost 38 weeks. Quinn weighed 5lbs7oz and London weighed 6lbs3oz. Within 24 hours we took them home.

Jason reminded me that Saturday was "Twin Day".

I realized I don't write much specifically about parenting twins. To me, it would be like writing about being right handed. It's simply what I know.

But I do have this bucket. And every time something beautiful-hilarious-touching-sweet-remarkable-twinnish happens between the girls, I put a scoop of it into the bucket.

Moments. Glimpses.

Sure, if I worked at it, I could recall the entire stories, the bookends of those moments. But I actually don't mind the way the light just bounces off my favorite bits and pieces.

In no particular order, here are some of those moments:

Watching them fall asleep holding hands before they could even crawl.

Breastfeeding both girls at once around 6 months of age. They couldn't even nurse because they were giggling so much.

Frustrated to tears trying to coax them through dinner, while they jabbered in a shared language I'll never know, heads tossed back in laughter.

London, hands on her hips and fire in her eyes, scolding me for making Quinn cry.

Witnessing them "read" (recite) their favorite books to one another.

Playing dress up...a prince and princess "marrying" one another.

Their first big fight because London wrecked Quinn's Lego creation.

Making up after their first big fight, no words passed between them, just a tender hug. Silent forgiveness.

I could go on and on. And on.

At times, parenting twins can be a lonely business. They have one another. Best friend, sister, play mate. When Eli was an infant, and when I was sick from chemo, this was the greatest blessing. Recently I've been so proud of the way they've included their brother in their play. They are so patient with him (most of the time). And even let him call the shots (some of the time).

At the end of this month my rainbow babies will start kindergarten.

The girls' giggles during play...their laughter at shared jokes told in a secret language...this is the soundtrack of the Pink Door House.

There's no telling what our year will hold. Many good and wonderful things, I'm sure.

But I do know this: I'm going to miss the sound of that laughter all day.

Happy belated Twin Day. To the twins out there, and the ones who raised them.

#TwinDay #IdenticalTwins

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