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Garage Sale

May 5, 2017

While I was in Spokane nursing my disappointment over the news from my last Echo (more on that here), I got a text from my friend Annie...


Are you interested in having a yard sale at our house next Saturday? Our neighborhood is having one...


Sure, why not? It sounded like either a great distraction or a terrible idea. And we have plenty of stuff.


Plenty of stuff.


I visited the cardiologist Monday morning and drove home with the kids that afternoon. Leaving four days to prepare for the sale.


Probably a terrible idea.


But we pulled it off!

I scrambled to prepare, tapping into my bank of tricks from years of executing retail events.


I may have also maxed out my husband's patience with my eleventh hour chaos. For better or worse, right Jason?


And it was a great distraction. The entire week I managed to overlook the fatigue from my new heart medication, plus feel a bit better overall about the newest development in my health.


The sale's timing coincided perfectly with the IBC Network Foundation's One in a Million Campaign (more on that here). And since it took place in one of the most desirable family neighborhoods in Moses Lake, there was a promise of great traffic.


I wanted to do more than off-load some of our unused stuff for extra cash.


The night before the sale I baked 90 cookies (well, 96...but a few of them were too delicious to sell. I mean too ugly! Too ugly to sell!!)


 I wrapped the cookies and offered them for $1 each, all going to the IBC Network Foundation. Annie and Sara provided waters, Capri Sun, and Pepsi. We were sold out of cookies by 11:00AM! Raising $115 for the campaign.


 In addition to a successful fundraiser, it was a beautiful day in the sun spent with a great friend. In total we earned $1,000 (if you want to know how, check back soon for my next post). And we tore down by noon. 


I'm not going to lie...I'm already eyeballing stuff around the Pink Door House for the next Garage Sale!


Just a boy and his cookie. :)



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