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One in a Million

It's time to be a part of something BIG! The Pink Door House has created a team to raise donations for the IBC Network Foundation's One in a Million campaign.

You can read on below or watch this video....

Here are a few details about the campaign, from The IBC Network Foundation home page:

"The IBC Network Foundation has put almost 1 million dollars into research! We have currently funded $850,000 into breast cancer research and we want to push it to a cool million, so we are asking for your help. The IBC Network Foundation is a grassroot charity, all volunteer ran and your donation goes far here. Help us hit a million $, be a “One in a Million” donor today. After you hit that donate button, then tell you friends and ask them to donate too.

Let us share our mission. Research. Is that simple enough? It is our mission, our focus to stop inflammatory breast cancer by funding research. That is what we all want right? To stop breast cancer if it happens, or even better, learn what moves those misbehaving cells into action and stop it before it gets a grip on the body. We have funded at MD Anderson, Vanderbilt, Dana Farber and University of Delaware. We have researchers on standby, with wonderful feedback on their submissions to major funding research sources but even with an outstanding score, still are not funded. Common feedback is “this has the potential to be lifesaving work but we don’t have the funds for this now.” So, that is where we come in. We fund these small niche projects that are overlooked. Two projects we have funded to date have led to clinical trials.

We are filling an important void as late stage research only gets on average less than 2% of all research funding. 2%…let that sink in for a minute.

We would like to invite, encourage, or implore you to donate. By joining us, you are funding lifesaving late stage breast cancer research."

So cool, right?

We've set a team goal of $2015, inspired by the year 2015, when I was diagnosed with IBC. In addition to asking for your donations, we have a few things up our sleeves, like an exclusive art print with proceeds going toward the One in a Million campaign. So stay tuned!

Here are some links to help you connect:

Learn more about the One in a Million Campaign by visiting their Official First Giving Campaign.

Or go directly to Team Pink Door House.

Get updates by liking our Facebook page.


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