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Sun's Out...Let's Go to the Park

Christin, she's the one with great writing and can convey many things that I cannot with words. I think that she is doing an amazing job of this, and I hope that everyone who comes to our site enjoys it as much. For me, I would much rather take pictures or video of the things we do, or, hopefully a little more often, how we feel about what is going on in our life.

I'm still trying to convince Christin to talk to the camera, but I'll take baby steps for the time being.

Anyway, Christin's birthday is coming up quickly and this year she has to receive chemo on that day. To me, it feels like somebody poking you with a stick while your laying on the floor trying to recover from the same person who knocked you down. I'll take whatever I can get. Because I know that even with birthdays with chemo, I still get to see another day with my wife.

I know that she's talked about birthdays in a previous post and how much they mean to her now, and I figured that I would put a video together. Just an effort in my part to just make her smile. Just to see her face as she watches our kids play in the park. Doing this, I know that she gets to live out the simple idea of rest that she needs every now-and-then.

To my wife, I hope that you enjoyed your day of rest and ability to do what ever it is you wanted or needed.

Happy birthday.

I love you.

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