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A Little More LuLaRoe

It was girls' night out...I had finished chemotherapy and was taking a break at home in Moses Lake. I went out for sushi and wine with the wonderful women--other young moms--who had buoyed my little family through prayers and meals. I never felt more anchored to this community than I did that night.

One friend fessed up that she made "soup" for dinner for her husband and Littles, combining a few different leftovers and a healthy dose of broth. Yum? We'll give her a pass...she was pregnant and still willing to meet us out...for sushi and wine.

The last couple weeks at the Pink Door House have tasted a bit like that soup.

The girls started their first year of preschool. All three kids have colds. Eli entered the terrible twos full throttle. And with an Echocardiogram, MRI, and PET scan on the calendar, I've been treading waters in that pond affectionally called Scanxiety. We are talking All the Feelings around here, folks.

Anyway, I have a couple more LuLaRoe looks that I have been anxious to show you...and I finally got a chance to put my thoughts together.

Like I said before, this is not a sponsored post. I'm not getting paid for my opinions. I'm just excited to find some clothes that fit well and make me feel pretty after breast cancer treatment.

If you missed my first two pieces on body image after treatment, you can read them here and here.

As a review, here are the details I shared about my body;

I am 5'8" tall.

I weigh 220 pounds.

I wear a size 16/18 in jeans.

In tops and dresses I usually wear XXL or 1XL, sometimes 2XL.

Treatment-induced menopause has resulted in a lot of extra weight around the belly.

At diagnosis, I was wearing bra size 38G.

In October 2015, I had an aggressive bilateral modified radical mastectomy.

I have developed mild lymphedema in my upper arms (resulting in swelling).

Now...the clothes!

Classic T and Lucy Skirt

In these photos, am wearing the Classic T in a size 3XL and the Lucy skirt in an XL. If I were buying the Classic T to wear with jeans, I would choose a 2XL or maybe even XL. But this color was love at first I'm working with the larger size.

The skirt is lined chiffon, and could easily be dressed up more for a special outing.

I'm playing with the knot again. tummy! :)

In this size the Classic T's scoop neck was a bit too loose and deep. When I wear it out, I'll be sure to layer with a cami to cover my scars when I lean forward.

Amelia and Lindsey

I would have lived in the Amelia dress as a working girl.

I'm wearing a 2XL. The sleeves are a flattering length, and fit comfortably, even with my lymphedema (and this particular fabric wasn't stretchy).

I didn't get a photo of them, there are DEEP pockets hidden in that full skirt! Working as a retail manager, I ended every shift with a handful of notes scribbled on receipt paper. Pockets were a must!

At my height of 5'8" tall, the hem falls just below my knee caps. I love this, because trendy dresses in this silhouette almost always land mid-thigh for me.

Lindsey is a lightweight, open cardigan with 3/4 sleeves. The one I am wearing is size M, in black, graphic lace.

Hmmm.... The pleats of Amelia started at the roundest part of my belly. The fullness of Amelia's skirt and the drape of the Lindsey are creating a not-so-flattering tent effect.

Better belted at the waistline.

Lindsey is the type of piece that increases the style and professionalism of a dress or shell without adding a lot of warmth.

With my shape, Lindsey would look more flattering paired with a straighter skirt or trousers. Maybe the next post....Boy, am I out of practice styling work-ready ensembles!

The LuLaRoe dresses work with my post-mastectomy body because there's not a lot of fullness in the bodice hanging there like a deflated balloon. It's common for us to tend towards baggy, loose clothing when we feel self-conscious about part(s) of our body. But if you've ever been overweight and viewed a photo of yourself in your baggiest jeans and T-shirt, you know that proper fit is actually more flattering.

And for those of you with a single mastectomy or who choose to wear prosthetics...are you wondering whether LuLaRoe would work for you?

Check out my darling friend (and LuLaRoe consultant) Cyndi rocking her Amelia:

Isn't she adorable?

On LuLaRoe and fit, Cyndi told me this: "LuLaRoe doesn't create clothing to fit only the smaller sizes. Each style is measured and cut multiple times to see how it fits all sizes from XXS to 3XL."

When I was selling sleepwear at Nordstrom in sizes XS-3XL, I witnessed the difference between items that were measured and cut from just one fit model, and then scaled up/down, versus pieces that were specially fit to the plus size woman. I can bore you with details about cost, sleeve holes, gusset length....but suffice it to say, it makes a difference!

Speaking of Nordstrom, next I have a handful of styles hand picked by one of my beautiful friends working in their plus-size (Encore) buying office. So come back and visit soon.

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