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A Gift for Our Niece

Our niece's first birthday is coming up and we are getting ready to travel back down to Texas to help celebrate. I'm looking forward to seeing my family again, but I am not looking forward to the heat.

I've been away from Texas long enough now that I have grown out of my ability to deal with the super heat that is the Texas summer. But, they do have great air conditioning everywhere. Thank you a/c. I don't know what I would do without you.

Anyway, Christin and I need to come up with a gift for our niece. Of course we want to make something with our hands and I've had an idea for a while. I saw this on Pinterest quite some time ago and I think it fits perfectly for what my sister-in-law is planning for the theme.

Wooden Popsicles!

It's a simple project, but one that I have been looking forward to doing. I could have made these for my kids, but making these to go a with an ice cream themed birthday party seems like a much better idea.

Christin and I have our usual jobs ahead of us with this project: I will cut, shape, assemble and seal, while Christin will make it look pretty. (This seems a little one sided)

After drawing the shape, I cut each one on the band saw. If you watch the video you'll notice that there isn't footage of me actually doing the cutting. For whatever reason, I forgot to hit or thought I hit the record button. Oh well. I then took them to to sander to clean and shape each popsicle. After I got each popsicle to the shape I wanted, it was time to drill holes in the bottom of each, glue and place a dowel. I tested what size of dowel to use with our kids and found a half inch sized dowel works perfect. I opted to make a stand for these, but didn't want to use pine. I wanted the base to stand out a little. I dug around and found a piece of scrap from a band saw box I had made a while back. I cleaned it up, drill holes for each popsicle, sealed it and called it good.

Now, the painting is a whole other thing. In my mind, I was thinking a traditional color scheme for the popsicles. This was clearly not the way Christin was thinking.

As usual, she has to put some flair to this and go with something I would consider abstract. Angles and some bare wood showing. I just had to trust in what she was doing, because I most certainly can't do the things she can with colors.

Plus, she was following the color scheme of our niece's nursery and I would be beyond lost on that.

If you would like to see us making these popsicles, check out the video below.

Happy Birthday, Ryen! I can't wait to see the person you will become. Your dad is awesome and your mom is a little crazy (in a good kinda way). Hi, Anna!

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