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Is it a Bug? Practicing Simple Sorting Skills

July 6, 2016

This simple sorting activity was a low-maintenance addition to "Bug Camp"...our week(ish) of bug-focused learning and play.

I combined some creepy, over-sized plastic party favor bugs with random handfuls of the kids' similar sized toys. I gave them an empty box that I recently brought home full of blueberries.


The perks of living in farm country!

London and Quinn have been begging to get their hands on these bugs since we picked them up at Party City. 


The instructions I provided were quite basic. If it is a bug, put it on the left side. If it is not a bug, put it on the right.

While they were sorting, we talked a little about what makes a bug a bug....and not, say, a bunny or a horse or a car...things like bones, wings, number of legs, antennae, what each of them might eat.


Super high level.


They're four.


I wasn't about to make flash cards for myself.

The girls got about half way through the pile...mostly picking out bugs...before losing interest. Let's be honest. They were dying to play make believe with those bugs. Which they have been doing for two days straight now. 



Original idea for the Bug or Not? Simple Sorting Tray found at A Little Pinch of Perfect.




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