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Bug Finders and Mountain Climbers

The day before we drove to Spokane, I sat down with the girls to make our "Bug Finder Binoculars".

Jason cut to size a leftover gift wrap roll that I had, which was nice and sturdy. But toilet paper rolls would work just fine for this project. We kept it simple and offered the girls washi tape, scissors, and colored string. Here we are at work:

London and Quinn didn't get overly excited about this project. I was surprised, because they usually go bananas when I get out my washi tape.

As in Gwen Stefani...B A N A N A S...bananas.

And can we talk about washi tape for a minute? I am going to be a dissenter....I think it's completely over-rated. On Pinterest I see the cutest ideas using washi tape. As a lover of color and pattern, it's right up my crafty alley.

But no matter what I use it for, it doesn't stay in place. I've tried taping posters to the wall, taping photos to glass, using it to make greeting cards, and now our binoculars. Come on, washi, you can't even stick to paper?! Obviously the other DIY-ing washi-taping bloggers know something I don't! Do any of you have washi tricks?

Here are the girls with their Bug Finder Binoculars. (You know...before the tape started peeling.)

Later in the evening they watched Pixar's "A Bug's Life" with their binoculars. Oh, my heart!

We made sure to bring the binoculars to Spokane.

Grammy and Grandpapa have a big yard full of plants and flowers, shade and sun. A perfect playground for bug finding!

On Thursday morning, we drove to the summit of Mount Spokane for more bug finding, and some spectacular views. Since I grew up hiking and camping in the mountains of Montana, it filled my soul to see my own kids drinking this day up. There was plenty of bear grass stomping, rock jumping (not at the summit), view celebrating, and of course, bug finding. Jason even forgave me for 1+ hours of poor navigating. (Siri, private driveways and closed roads are equally terrible suggestions.)

Standing on the summit's ledge, Quinn said, "the world is so beautiful."

Yes it is, Baby Girl. Yes. it. is.

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