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Play Dough Bugs

June 28, 2016

This activity kicked off our unofficial Pink Door House Summer Bug Camp.

Hopefully after a few weeks of projects, songs, and games about All Things Bug, the girls won't be as intimidated by our tiny neighbors. If you want to see what else we have planned, check out this post.


Colors blended and a little dry, the sun was setting on our last batch of Play Dough. It was the perfect time to create (and keep) bug sculptures with lots of add-ins.

I provided the kids with twigs and rocks from the yard, pipe cleaners (short pieces and full length), bend-y straws and straw pieces, pom poms, a few bug-related foam stickers, star confetti, glitter, and curly noodles.

Any small item with a fun shape and texture would be perfect for this project! Especially if it is narrow and can be stabbed into the Play Dough. (We learned things don't stay stuck in the Play Dough once its dry.)


Our pet bugs are currently living on the kitchen counter in shoe boxes. The kids check on the bugs. Poke at the bugs. Even pretend to be the bugs. It's a start! :)







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