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Just Enjoy the Sun

First day of my "weekend". Finally, a day to relax and not worry about a thing. Wait. I have kids. Thats no going to happen. Oh, Christin still has cancer. No cure. Just hope.

I'll take it.

This time of year I love spending as much time as I can in the sun, as long as it doesn't involve a lot of yard work.

Inner Mind: "You own a house. Of course you have lots of yard work. And don't you have a gutter to re-install? Oh, and that garbage disposal isn't going to fix its self."

Me: "Shut-up"

I love the house that we have bought and made our own. I love the woodworking that I have picked up. But there is nothing more that I love than watching my kids smile, laugh and enjoy all the little things that I wish that I could again. I guess in a way, they are my, "little things," (at least for now) and I enjoy the crap out of them. Even when they all want to be openly defiant.

I can hear Christin right now, "I have no idea where they get that from."

My first day off and all I can think to do is to make sure that I see my kids smile. Christin of course made sure of that. As always, I love to get video of our kids having fun.

Go out and enjoy the sun. You'll appreciate this time more when you're older and your kids live somewhere else. At least, that's what I've heard from my mom.

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