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You Are Beautiful...No Matter What Anybody Says

I tell this to my wife very often these days. Not because I need to to reassure her, but because I believe it with every fiber of my being. Even after everything that she has gone through. Is still going through.

There were days in the beginning, just after her mastectomy, that it was hard for me to see her in that state. I didn't want to to see her like that. But what husband would ever want to see the person they love the most in that way?

I was there for her when she got out of surgery. When it was time to for me clean her drains for the first time, that's when she cried. She told me that I shouldn't have to go through this. The woman I love, even after going through chemo, surgery and separation from her children was still thinking of how I was feeling. This was truly not fair. Not for me, but for her. I didn't care what I had to go through to keep her alive. I wouldn't change a thing in my life because it led me to her. To my kids. To our family.

During times like these, I always find myself listening to music more than I usually do. There were a few songs that were on constant rotation during 2015. I'll probably talk about them in future posts, but for this one, there is one that has been in my head for the past week.

You & I (Nobody in the World) by John Legend. I always liked the song because I felt it was important for any woman in the world to know that they are beautiful regardless of what anybody says. We have two little girls and I don't want them to ever feel unattractive in their skin. But, I recently just watched the music video and there is a part that pretty much brought me to tears. Of course, it reminded of my wife and how she cried after surgery.

Some time has past and there are mornings that I see her and think, "she's here, and that's what matters." She is beautiful, even when she doesn't think so. And I'll continue to say it as many times as I have to until she believes it too.

John Legend - You & I (Nobody in the World)

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