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Updating Our Bathroom Mirror

Since Christin and the kids are away, I decided to take some time to update something that both Christin and myself have been wanting to do. Take the gigantic mirror in our bathroom and make two separate, smaller mirrors. One to go above each sink. This way, it will open up some more wall space for other ideas that I have and things that Christin has told me she would love to have as far as organization goes.

So, where to start? Well, I have never cut glass before and this would definitely be a learning experience. As normal, the first thing I do is check out YouTube to see if there is a lesson on how to do this task. It's YouTube, I know that I can find anything there that I want to learn...and cats. So many cats. Anyway, found a video, liked it, went out and bought a little kit.

Now for the fun and extremely terrifying part. Actually scoring the mirror and essentially breaking it into two pieces. If this goes horribly wrong, I am either heading to Home Depot for a new mirror or to the emergency room.

Here you can see that I have scored the mirror. The liquid there is the cutting oil. I placed a dowel directly under the scoring line and began to push down on either side and waited for it to snap.

Success! Clean break and I'm not bleeding. All good things. Now to do it again. Same process as before to create the second mirror.

This used to be one big mirror. Now, it's three and I can start making the frames for two.

I just need a simple frame. Nothing fancy, four sides with a rabbeting cut for the mirror to fit into.

I finished this with Danish Oil and I'm currently waiting on these to cure completely before I apply a coat of polyurethane. I'll have a build video up as soon as they are hanging in our bathroom.

Thanks for stopping by.

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