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Cancer...Don't Let It Stop You

So, Christin and the kids have taken a trip to Michigan with Grammy to visit family. I'm in our home, alone, and it's not something that I like very much. Sure, I can get plenty of projects done that I've been wanting to do, but there is something about the silence when I'm done that I have grown to dislike. Before, when Christin and the kids practically lived with her parents I was home alone. When a family is going through something like this, the last thing you want is to have silence with nothing but your thoughts consuming you.

These days, it has become better, but I still miss the laughter of my kids, or screams (it depends on if any of them doesn't like what the other is doing, you know, normal kid stuff). But, I did take the time to make a video and actually speak in front of the camera about cancer. It's still not something I'm comfortable talking about, but if I intend on helping others, it is something that I have to get over.

None of it is fair. But it's what you do next that will define you. I plan on fighting until there is no fight left to give. And even then, I'll still be standing next to my wife making sure she never quits.

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