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Woodworking to Move Forward

I have always been curious about woodworking, but never really had the means or space to have such a hobby. After we bought our house I thought of a few projects that could get me started. Just ideas that Christin and I had seen and thought they were way too expensive for anyone to just buy when they could be easily made. Also, I might have been watching some YouTube makers and was thinking, "I could do that." So, I bought a miter saw and got started on my first project: a blanket ladder.

Just a simple project to get me started. During this build, I quickly figured out a work bench was needed. So, instantly, a new project. Luckily, where I work, there is enough industrial pallets and shipping crates for me make a work bench without spending any money

During the time of the build is when we got the diagnosis. I stopped doing any work. I didn't want to do anything. I was angry. Supporting my wife was the only focus I had and I let the anger consume me. It wasn't healthy.

About midway through last year [2015] was when I decided to go back into my garage/shop and start this hobby up again. It felt good to be working with my hands and creating something again. This is what I needed. And channeling the anger through this woodworking hobby, I managed to build a table.

There are some cracks in the table now, because I didn't understand wood movement, but it has been serving us well. Eventually I will get around to re-building the table top, but for now there are other projects that I want to get to first.

If anyone out there is going through the same thing as I did, don't let the anger consume you. Find an outlet. Even through what feels like the worst time of your life, you still have to find something that makes you happy.

I'll post more here when I have project completed or when I have more on my mind. We also have a YouTube channel with project videos, our kids being goofy and thoughts/information from Christin and myself. There is a link to the right to our channel, Pink Door House.

Thanks for stopping by, and we'll talk again soon.

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